Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a lil' leopard

Nothing too exciting about my outfit today except my rad horse hair leopard cowboy booties. I think they add enough pizazz to any outfit. Just got my graduate diploma in the mail today and they misspelled my name! I'm the girl that this kind of stuff always happens to. My bags get lost, I get the weirdest sicknesses, have fedex destroy my packages, etc. so I was almost expecting it to happen. Guess I'll be waiting another 3 months for the correctly spelled one. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and are getting excited for New Years!

Wearing: H&M top, Gap sweater, Seven for All Mankind jeans, mom's boots, Willy & Irv necklace

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my first christmas

I hope everyone has been having a good holiday season. I spent my first Christmas with my boyfriend and his family yesterday. Since I am not of the faith and am usually on a tropical island during the holiday, this was a new experience for me. Aside from making yia yia cry (she is very nostalgic) I'd say it went pretty well. The boyfriendo and I took a mini "photoshoot" before heading off to our 4 o'clock dinner. I tried to be festive and then realized that I don't own anything red so this scarf had to suffice as my festive garb. A continuing happy holidays to everyone!

Wearing: Gap scarf and sweater, William Rast denim, vintage belt

Thursday, December 22, 2011

ugly xmas

It's almost Christmas so I thought I would share my photos from the ugly xmas sweater party that I attended last weekend. These are not exactly fashion worthy photos but they are fun and festive! I was bummed that I didn't have time to get a super hideous sweater so I pulled out a knit that had some snowflakes on it because that seemed at least to go with the weather or Christmas. Happy holidays everyone!

Wearing: Forever 21 men's sweater, vintage rings, Willy and Irv necklace, Tyler Mackenzie bracelets, Cartier bracelet, Nepaul roll bracelets

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Pretty excited since I saw that one of the shirts I did for Scoop NYC was for sale on their website today. I'm kind of bummed they decided not to do the polka dot print but it's still neat to see my work on there nonetheless. I keep checking for this sweet print I did also but I haven't been able to find it yet. Check it out for sale here!

Of course right after I put the above photo in I find this one also. I guess they decided to make it a top instead of a dress but I think that was probably a good call. If you want to see this one click here

Monday, December 19, 2011

chi city 4 lyfe

I love my city. Even on a cold, gloomy day, I still find it so refreshing and beautiful. These were taken right outside the Shedd Aquarium and I highly suggest if you live in Chicago that you go and see the Jellies exhibit. These are just a couple of the ones I took but there were so many. It was such an awesome exhibit plus the name jellies just sounds so cute how can you resist?

Wearing: 5|48 sweater, scarf that I bought at BHV in Paris, Chaser Eric Clapton tee, William Rast jeans, and the bag is from Forever 21 and not very wintery but it's the only one my camera will fit in!

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

life is a beach

I just love the beach in the winter. There's something so calming and quiet about it. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was hectic but fun and I'm so happy to finally just be laying in bed. Enjoy the photos!

Wearing: Wooden Ships hat, Kensie sweater, Buffalo faux fur vest, Tractor jeans

Saturday, December 17, 2011


MJ was so fun to take pictures with since we're both extremely awkward and she pretty much just giggled through the entire thing but I got some good shots. I think she said her entire outfit was from Gap. We had fun exploring a park on Lake Michigan even though by the end both of our fingers were pretty much numb. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!